“Successful implementation of the Launch Event for the project EDIBO


In a warm and friendly atmosphere the Launch Event of the project EDIBO was held on Saturday, the 15th of December 2018. The event was open to the public and hosted at Novus City Hotel.

Nick Dimitriadis, President of THREE THIRDS SOCIETY NPO (Lead Partner of the project), and coordinator of the event, made some crucial remarks on the necessity of the project’s implementation in the countries of all partners and the experience of THREE THIRDS SOCIETY NPO in relevant training programs.

The presentation of the project and each partner followed. First, the audience had the chance to watch EDIBO’s launch video, produced by University of Valencia, one the project’s partners. The video presented, in a concise and indicative way, the objectives of the project. EDIBO’s identity and the activities were presented by Eleni Kommata, Project Manager of EDIBO.

The presentation of the partners commenced with one of the Italian partners, FORMA.LAB SRL, represented by Martina Biundo, Sales Manager, who explained howFormalab can help you reach your organization’s learning goals’.

The partner from Latvia, Foundation for Society followed, and Markuss Svageris, Project Manager, elaborated on how can EDIBO become an ‘Opportunity for NEETs’.
Jurgita Tamolyte, Project Coordinator, represented the Lithuanian partner and convinced the audience that Integration Center is ‘Open to Everyone’.

The second partner from Italy, National Craftsmen Confederation Lecce (CNA Lecce) was represented by Marcello De Giorgi, Director of the organization who expounded on the issue of ‘Digital Employability’.

Dr. Lenin G. Lemus-Zuniga, Associate Professor, represented University of Valencia, the 7th partner of EDIBO, and analyzed ‘The Opportunities for everyone given by Digitalisation’.

The last session of the event was about ‘The Case of Greece: The NEETs and the digital skills required by the industry’. Christos Zagkos, Research Associate at the Center of Educational Policy Development of General Confederation of Greek Workers (KANEP/GSEE), made a presentation on ‘A new type of social vulnerability. The NEETs phenomenon in Greece’ and Thanos Totsikas, Quality Management & Certification Division Director at IVEPE-SEV, presented the ‘Digital skills required by the Industry’ in Greece.

The event was concluded with a short discussion and questions set to the speakers.


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