On 16-17 Januray 2020 the kick-off meeting of “Adult Self-Learning: Supporting Learning Autonomy in a Technology-Mediated Environment/ASL” took place in Adana, Turkey.

The ASL Project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and it will end in 31/08/2021.

Recent research shows that many adults haven’t a clear idea about the use of digital resources and digital applications. Most of them are not aware of the potentiality of digital technology for their
professional upskilling. The ASL project addresses the following primary needs:
• To provide new competences using digital resources;
• To stimulate/motivate adults in acquiring competences that can improve their career and
• To promote self-learning;
• To empower people growing their skills in using digital collaborative technologies;
• To integrate educational practices such as peer learning, online participatory learning, digital social
learning, etc;
• To provide people with advice and guidance on how to learn using digital resources;

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